2021 5 oz Infinity High Relief Silver – The Awakening Series


Metal Type Silver
IRA Approved No
Mint Capsule Included Yes
Metal Content 5 Troy Oz
Year 2021
Purity 0.9999
Diameter 63.44 mm
Mint/ Manufacturer Sunshine Mint
Country of Manufacture United States
Tube/Sheet Quantity N/A
Mint Box Quantity N/A
Grade Brilliant Unc
Release Type N/A
Edge Design Reeded
Certificate of Authenticity No
International Shipping Eligible Yes


2021 5 oz Infinity High Relief Silver – The Awakening Series

2021 5 oz Infinity High Relief Silver – The Awakening Series Introducing the first release of what will be a groundbreaking series named “The Awakening”, this incredible High Relief 5 oz Silver Round launches the series with the first design called “Infinity”. This series aims to include multiple themes and concepts that directly target the corruption and thievery being conducted by Governments, Financial Institutions, and Deep State Organizations that repeatedly strip the common man of true individual liberty.

The initial release will feature a very limited mintage run of only 2,000 high relief silver rounds which will be individually numbered on the rim.

On the Reverse is a striking design that depicts an eye opening, representing the collective public awakening to evil and corruption. This is widely recognized as the eye of the Pyramid found on the fiat US Dollar. The text “MDCCLXXVI” is beneath the eye, and is the Latin date of 1776, the year the Second Continental Congress declared independence from Great Britain. In front of the stones of the pyramid reads “ANNUIT COEPTIS”; translating to “He (God) has favored our undertakings”. These elements are all inspired by the original US Seal in 1776. Seen in the stones of the Pyramid are the date “2021” and the weight and purity of the silver round. The reverse is capped off with the enlightening quote of “YOU CAN’T WAKE A PERSON WHO IS PRETENDING TO BE ASLEEP“, which ties in the overall concept of the series.

The reverse design will be used throughout the series as it encompasses the mantra of the rounds that will follow.

The Obverse design is where the name of the round, “Infinity”, derives. In the center is a large, incredible infinity symbol displayed in the form of a snake eating its own tail. Beneath the Infinity symbol is the text “QE”, short for Quantitative Easing. Quantitative Easing (QE) is a traditionally unconventional monetary policy where central banks print more money to stimulate the economy. This short-sighted decision to flood markets with surplus fiat dollars created with nothing of intrinsic value to support them can lead to hyperinflation overtime. In short, QE has evolved from a seldom used policy to what it is today; a political mechanism deployed by addicted policymakers to sweep real problems under the nearest rug. In the long run, the consumer pays for this decision in the form of higher prices.

Why would Central Banks deal with economic downturn when it is so widely acceptable to simply print more money? Pay no mind to where that money comes from or what it will eventually be worth as it is soon buried under an infinite flow of more dollars being printed. Central banks are hooked on the drug, and now their choice is simple: Print, or Die.

The individual is Awakening, only to see a deck stacked against them.