2021 Roaring Lion Silver Mini Monster Box – MintCertified™ F30 (100 Count)



2021 Roaring Lion Silver Mini Monster Box – MintCertified™ F30 (100 Count) We are excited to release our Capital Bullion Mini Monster Boxes. We have coupled this new product with our MintCertified™ program to make it more convenient to add 100 ounces of 2021 Roaring Lion Silver Coins that are certified to come directly from Mint Sealed boxes directly to your silver bullion stack.

The Capital Bullion Mini Monster Box was created to seal tighter than normal mint boxes. This is done by adding “snaps” to the side of the box. For this reason, even if the straps are removed, the box stays tightly closed, which better secures your metal investment.

How the MintCertified™ Process Works:
To guarantee these coins are not mingled with any other Roaring Lion coins, our team takes the tubes of 20 directly from mint sealed boxes. From there, our team applies a tamper-evident seal (TEP) to the mint cap and the top of the tube. After that process is complete, we apply the MintCertified™ FIRST30 black labels that offer another layer of TEP security to the tube.

You’ll also notice the unique, FIRST30™ designation on your MintCertified™ black label. This ensures these 2021 Roaring Lion coins were received by Capital Bullion within 30 days of the first release of the new coin issue.

Coin Design:

Our Truth Series Coins are struck at the famous and highly-respected Sunshine Mint, the most reputable private mint in the United States. The combination of the limited mintage of only 150,000 coins worldwide and excellent quality along with the Roaring Lion consistently having one of the lowest introductory premiums of any silver coin in the world makes this release one of the can’t-miss releases of 2021.

The obverse design features a gorgeous rendition of a lion’s head wearing a crown. The lion’s face is minted in great detail with the individual whiskers on its face even being distinguishable. The Aleph Tav Symbol תא on the lion’ crown reveals the lion’s identity as the Lion of Judah: The strength of the Leader is the Sign of the Covenant. Inscribed on the band of the crown is “SEND OUT YOUR LIGHT AND YOUR TRUTH”. Behind the lion is a reflective regal floral-like pattern that accentuates the beauty of this design. At the very bottom of the obverse are the specifications of the coin of “ONE TROY OUNCE” and the exceptional purity of “.9999 FINE SILVER”.

The reverse features a very similar design to that of past Roaring Lion Silver Coins. Like past years, the 2021 Roaring Lion is backed by Niue. This means that Queen Elizabeth’s famous profile image is pictured in the middle of the reverse and carries a face value of Two Dollars. At the top of the coin is the word “NIUE”, to her right is “TWO DOLLARS”, to her left is “ELIZABETH II”, and below her image are the designer’s initials of “IRB” & “2021”.

The 2021 Roaring Lion Silver Coin has excellent potential for premium appreciation down the road and is available at an low introductory premiums over the silver spot price while supplies last. Purchase yours today and secure your limited mintage piece of one of the world’s most popular coin series! 2021 Roaring Lion Silver Mini Monster Box – MintCertified™ F30 (100 Count)

After you purchase the 2021 Roaring Lion Silver Coin, make sure and keep an eye on your email for the release of the 2021 Tree of Life Silver Coin, that contains the other half of the 2021 Truth!